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Ten Little Facts about Sammy – Number 6!

I have A LOT of sleeping spots.
Being the only child/dog in the household, I’m entitled to be spoilt. And spoilt I am indeed. To make sure that I’m comfortable at home, Mummy bought me a couple too many ‘beds’. (No, I’m not kidding.) I shall introduce them to you one by one.
Spot #1 – My little Petmate Kennel Cab crate. 

This was the very first bed I owned. In fact, this is the crate that my parents picked me up in the very day they brought me home.  This is also the crate that I was confined to during the first year of my life (I was crate-trained). Sounds awful? Not exactly. This is Sammy’s little haven and I would retreat into it whenever I’m afraid (esp when mummy takes out the harness). 
Though I have grown a fair bit, this crate still fits me comfortably and goes with us whenever we travel. It sits right beside mummy’s sleeping spot by the bed, makes me feel safe and contented every time I’m in it.
 It’s a good place for hide and seek too!

Just a piece of warming, this crate isn’t the most hygienic of places. My little paws (4 paws x 5 digits) would probably not be enough to count the number of ‘accidents’ I had in it. (You get my point..)
Spot #2 – My Pet Duvet Bed
There’s a silly story behind this duvet bed – it’s a bed within a bed. When mummy ordered it on amazon, she was expecting a nice green bed to arrive. When it did arrive, it turned out that silly mummy only ordered the bed duvet cover. She had to purchase another bed to stuff into the duvet. Hence, making it a bed within a bed! 
This lovely duvet bed is in my parents’ bedroom by the window, giving me the best spot in the house! I could stare out of it while mummy is working on the computer. It’s such a great place to chill. 
PS: I’m considered a small size dog, but mummy actually bought me a large size bed. It worked out perfect as I could stretch my whole body out. My favorite position though is called the ‘chicken thigh’ position. Mummy insists that my hind legs on these photos look like chicken thighs. -_-
Yap, that’s a dog’s life.
Spot #3 – My Little Bone Rug

Mummy bought this rug for me from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It is a Microdry Ultimate Luxury Memory Foam Pet Mat  and it’s seriously comfortable. It’s the best place for me to just lie and relax while my parents (mostly mummy) watch television. It fits me to a T and while I’m unable to stretch my hind legs in full, my ‘chicken thigh’ position is just ideal. 
 Mummy bought this from Meet the Breeds last year. She fell in love with the modern look of the bed and since it was going for 50% discount on the display piece, she just couldn’t resist. Thankfully mummy got the medium size, making it even better.

 My VERY own real bed.

 What else could I ask for?
Spot #5 – My make-shift pillows

These pair of Kajsa Trad Ikea Cushion Pillows were meant to serve as ‘headboards’ for my parents bed. But since they were pretty much just collecting dust, mummy decided to contribute them to me. (YEAH) The two pillows are strategically placed, allowing me have a view of the circle line, hudson river and 11th avenue. Certainly the ideal place to keep me occupied on a lazy afternoon.
Spot #6 – My Petmate Vari Kennel Ultra Fashion Crate

Yes, it’s another crate. And no, it’s not because Mummy has too much money to burn. This crate has a very important purpose – it is my seat back to Singapore. As some of you might know, my parents are moving back to their homeland at the end of the year. OF COURSE I’m going with them! To make sure that I’m comfortable for the long-long-long-long flight, mummy has carefully measured and selected the best crate for me. (This is actually a medium size.) She bought it way advance to get me accustomed to it.

She also thoughtfully stuffed a Rens ikea carpet (a gift from one of our friends) to make it more comfortable.

So far so good. I’m not a huge fan of it, yet, and still prefers my trusty old crate to this. But at least I’m getting used to it.

It helps that it faces the television too.

That sure does summarises it – my sleeping spots!

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