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My allowance Scheme..

Mummy was just chatting with a fellow dog parent at the dog parent when the lady gave her a brilliant idea (that is great for daddy and mummy, but horrid for poor little me). The lady mentioned that she has a weekly budget of USD20 for her dog. So, the activities that she does and the food/treats for her dog that she buys are limited to the budget. Mummy was really fascinated and took to the idea immediately. (Noooooo~)

As a result, poor little me has only USD50 weekly. That includes all expenses such as cab fare due to activities related to me, day care charges, things I damage (recall: Uncle Kyle’s bath mat), food and treats! Sigh, that sucks. But since they are my source of food, I guess I really have no say in this. *Fading woof~*

Anyway, I’ve been an awesome boy for the past week and didn’t spent any money from my allowance last week. (I’m saving up for a shopping spree at Petco!) The money went straight into Sammy’s trust fund that could be tapped on on rainy days! Unfortunately, Mummy received a ticket for failure to comply to signs as she brought me into an area in central park that apparently prohibited dogs. The cost of the ticket? USD50! After some discussion, mummy and daddy decided to use my lifetime saving (my last week’s allowance!) to pay for the ticket. Now my saving account is perpetually zero. T_T

Tough luck… grrrrrrrrrr…

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