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Road Trip to Pennsylvania

Mummy and Daddy decided to bring me for a road trip to Philadelphia and State College over the weekend. (Okay, more like Mummy and I chose to tag along with Daddy for his worktrip!) Not exactly the most exciting of places, but I guess it wasn’t too bad. Especially since there were plenty of grass patches for me to roam/pee/poop (oops) on.
The UPenn campus is actually really pretty and has a nice colonial look to it. (Mummy kept saying that it reminds her of hogwarts.) My favourite part of the campus – the tons of fat nice squirrels that caught my eye. No thanks to stupid mummy who kept pulling me back, I’m pretty sure I would have caught at least a couple! DANG it!
One of the highlights of the trip was the hotel. Thanks to well-travelled Daddy’s starwoods privileges, we were upgraded into a suite at the Sheraton hotel and there were plenty of space for me to roam around! The king size bed was awesome and finally, I don’t have to fight with mummy and daddy over the bed.
However, after a good search, I finally found my spot and was woofing satisfied with it!
The second hotel, Residence Inn by Marriott, at State College wasn’t as charming as the first, but also had plenty of room for little me to roam around. Mummy didn’t like it as the room was located on the ground floor and she was pretty worried about people breaking in! (Stupid mummy even had a nightmare about it! *Giggles*) Well, on the contrary, I really did enjoy the view of moving cars and people walking by…
State College was pretty boring but at least Mummy was smart enough to place me at a great daycare that completely worn me out! But nonetheless, the highlight of my trip was…
Yap, as usual, mummy bought me, the little spoilt brat, tons of great treats and toys. (Behind daddy’s back of course… *Grins*)
Looking forward to my upcoming road trip. This time round, I’m visiting Washington DC!!! Yippee~

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