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Sam’s Pick: Dr Bronner 18-in-1 Pure Castile Soap

We should have known better when Mummy suddenly allowed us to get muddy and dirty on our day out. #shealawayshassomethinguphersleeves #mummybullyusagain Yap, she had her agenda. She just wanted to get us all dirty for the activity that me and Pecan dread every single week. #whoeverinventedshowersistheworstpersonintheworld #letusoutofhere BATHS. #wecringeatthisword The only difference was that she wanted to put our new ‘shampoo’ to test. Introducing the Dr Bronner‘s line of organic soaps.  #letusoutoftheshower Auntie Christina, from Nature’s Glory, dropped us an email to see if we were interested to try out Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soaps. She shared about how the soap benefitted her puppy, Koko, who was suffering from fur loss caused by allergies to showering foam and dairy products.  #socute Upon seeing how well it worked for Koko, Mummy was quite intrigued.  The thing was, unlike Koko, Pecan and myself really do not have any skin issues. Hence, Mummy wasn’t too sure how the soap may benefit us. To help decide which soap we should test, we raised a few of our concerns to …

New Year Resolutions 2017

Mummy really isn’t the sort to come up with new year resolutions. #aiyacosshehardlyachievesany #imeannevernothardly Hence, it was kinda weird when she sat us down and had a heart-to-heart chat to ask us what we would like to get out of 2017. #gotsoseriousanot #onlyonepersonwastalking #twootherswerejuststaringatthetreatsinherhands Nonetheless, to get her off our backs, we decided to come up with a list of resolutions that we aim to achieve! Let’s start with the 14 year old granny! 1. Be alive (AND HEALTHY) at the end of the year #comeonlasheis14whatyouexpect Pecan’s recent health checkup in December was excellent. This ah ma is as strong as steel and even passed her blood test and ultrasound with flying colours. I guess it’s not too much to expect that she will fulfil this resolution easily. #pawscrossed 2. Throw a birthday bash for her Mummy always wanted to organise a birthday party for either of us. But there’s one thought that never fails to hold her back – Got people want to attend meh? This year, we decided that yes, we’re going to …

It’s 2017!

Okay, technically we’re one day late. #blameitonourlazymummywhoprocrastinatedforthepasttwodays But hey, better late than never right? So here goes.. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2016 didn’t treat us too badly.  But we sure hope 2017 will be even more smooth-sailing. #pawscrossed Go have a blast people! #don’tforgettocomebackandreadourbloghor