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Made with Love: Crispy Salmon Cake

It’s been a while since we had any home-made treats. So, yap, it’s Made with Love time! Woohoo~#ourhappybelliesaredancing

On the menu today… Crispy Salmon Cake! Heheh, we actually got the recipe from Vanilla Pup! #thanksLatte

PS: We forgot to include eggs in the shot above. #Pippinthefishhead

Our lazy Mummy loves simple recipes and this is totally up her alley.All you’ve to do is mix everything up, roll them into balls, and then flatten it! #easybreezy #wecouldhavedoneitourselveslor #samthefishhead

We used a non-stick pan to cook half of our little salmon cakes and baked the remaining. Either way, both processes were really easy, though Mummy prepared the oven method. #cosshelazytowatchthecakes #justputinovenandwaitcanliao #noneedtoflipinthepan

The greedy dogs camping in the kitchen.As usual. HEHEHEHHE

This is seriously a low-effort recipe. Mummy managed to whip everything up in less than 30 minutes. And it really smelt heavenly. Pips and myself couldn’t wait to dig in. Only Pecan had the patience to entertain mummy. #oldladyspoilmarketonela

Look how yummy these cakes look!

I guess Pecan’s gross drool line said it all.#sounglamlathisahma

Pips got first dips today!

ME ME ME! #samisnext

The ah ma finally got a bite and boy~ was she quick. #firstitmeseeoldladymovesofast

Yet another success!Thanks Mummy! What’s next huh? #demandinglittledogs

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