Pippin Tree
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The many faces of Pippin Tree

Looking through all our photos, we noticed that Pips really does have 101 different facial expressions. So much more than us. Pecan only has one (ie her super happy face), while I rotate between two different looks (‘O$P$’ face and ‘YOU GOT FOOD?!” face).

Here’s the proof.

Pips trying to rock her top model look. (Thanks G for the shot!) #butwenoticeshegotbigsmalleyeleh #neverminditiscalleduniquehor

The ‘look far and act cool’ face. Hehehe, we decided to join her on this, but I guess the winner is clear. #ahmalookslikeshewantstosleep #myfacebadangleleh #mustlearntokeepmychindown

I guess she didn’t that the memo that models don’t typically stick their tongues out. But oh well, at least she got the right look in her eyes hor? #youthinkANTMmeh

Her innocent look.(Thanks G for this pic too!) #shereallylookstinyhere #IamnotbigIamjusttall

This “she think she is super model liao” expression.Imagining her Hollywood Walk of Fame moment. #dreamlonglongla

Of course, not all shots are glamourous. The shiok face. #pecanandhersignatureface #meandmy’yougotfood’face

The ‘Sand tastes like shit’ face

The “oops, I think I did something wrong face”.

We all know that just having a *cough* pretty *cough* face isn’t enough. But in this case, we really think that Pips’ little birth defect seems to give her an edge. After all, she can pose in ways that me and Pecan can NEVER do. #skillleh #pleasedon’tscoldmummy #itstoofunnyla

I mean, how many dogs you know can do…. the DAB? She’s one. #winliaolor#herarmtooshortcannotusetocoverhereyesla #goodenoughk #meandpecanain’tevenclose

Plus, she does a good ‘stock image’ interviewer pose. #seehersofierceialsoscared #machiamlikeaboss

She even does a convincing waitress with a napkin pose! And with face like that, we’re pretty sure that she will be tipped really well. #newsidelineforherliao

Despite her 101 expressions, we did find that our favourite look of hers….The derp look.

One last one.

I guess everyone has their own strengths and we sure found Pips’. Hopefully her modelling career will take off soon and people will start sending treats our way. #timetorelyonher #icanretireliao

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