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Made with Love: Chicken and Brocoli Soup

We’re quite sure Mummy caught the cooking fever. #mustbeherhellskitchenbingewatchingaftereffect #notcomplainingya

She decided to put her limited cooking skills to another challenge by making… Chicken and Brocoli Soup for us pooches.

She was inspired by this recipe, but decided to give it her own twist. #machiamshesomemastercheflikethat

Besides omitting a few ingredients (e.g. celery – YUCKS! plus Mummy hates it, olive oil and lemon) she chose chicken breast instead of dark meat as suggested. #whitemeatsupposedlyhealthierma #aiyawedon’tcareaslongasitismeat

She also used a special ingredient – Probiotic Chicken Broth from The Barkery as the main broth. She would usually use Knorr’s chicken stock cube. But this dog-friendly alternative is certainly healthier! #hengwehavesomeinthefreezer #bestsubstituteever

Actually, the bone broth is rather tasty on it’s own. Mummy has been adding it to our food at times to spice things up a bit. #verywellreceivedsofar #eyesontheprize

The cooking process was really easy – chop things into small pieces, throw everything in a pot and boil. #likethatwealsocando #nowondermummyknowshowtomakeit

Someone was getting rather impatient and kept judging Mummy for fumbling. #isuspectshewastheretowaitforcrummies #shelearntfromthebest

Time to blend it up! Though we were quite confident that Pippin was ready to drink/eat/devour it in this state. #thegreedypippinmonster

The blending duration really depends on your desired end texture. Mummy blended it slightly and left small chunks of vegs to give us some ‘shiok-ness’ while sipping. Of course, if you wanted it to be easier on your pooch, you can blend it longer till it is creamy and smooth. #nochunksnotshiokma

The final product!

Awesome Mummy decided to top it off with some shredded chicken and cheese.

The old lady giving her sniff of approval. #don’tunderstandwhypecanalwaysgettosniffitfirst #notfairleh

Before the dish was served, photo-obsessed Mummy had to make sure she took a good shot. And of course our dear Pippin monster and her typical shenanigans made it such an ‘easy’ task. #shereallyisamonkey

Thankfully she decided to cooperate.I was almost half asleep when it happened lor. #thiswasprobablythe100thshot

I am definitely Mummy’s favourite boy. #aiyaIamtheonlyboyma

Cos Sam was served.. FIRST.

Pecan ah ma went next! #muststillrespecttheelderlyma

And that was when it sucked. A Lot. Your face when you finished your treat too soon and your sister was still enjoying hers. #FML

Not forgetting Pippin monster’s turn.

LOL and it was Pecan’s turn to stare. #FHL #howclosedoesshewanttobe

Pippin may be a tripod, but she is just as agile as we are. Check out her acrobatic pose while savouring her soup.

Who knew soup can taste this good!

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