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Sam’s Pick: Dr Bronner 18-in-1 Pure Castile Soap

We should have known better when Mummy suddenly allowed us to get muddy and dirty on our day out.
#shealawayshassomethinguphersleeves #mummybullyusagain

Yap, she had her agenda.
She just wanted to get us all dirty for the activity that me and Pecan dread every single week.
#whoeverinventedshowersistheworstpersonintheworld #letusoutofhere
The only difference was that she wanted to put our new ‘shampoo’ to test.
Introducing the Dr Bronner‘s line of organic soaps. 
Auntie Christina, from Nature’s Glory, dropped us an email to see if we were interested to try out Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soaps. She shared about how the soap benefitted her puppy, Koko, who was suffering from fur loss caused by allergies to showering foam and dairy products. 
Upon seeing how well it worked for Koko, Mummy was quite intrigued. 
The thing was, unlike Koko, Pecan and myself really do not have any skin issues. Hence, Mummy wasn’t too sure how the soap may benefit us.
To help decide which soap we should test, we raised a few of our concerns to Auntie Christina:
1. Helps with Flea and tick prevention
2. Helps with a dull coat
3. A soap that is moisturising yet does not change the texture of our rough coats.
She recommended two flavours for us – 
Tea Tree (Great for reducing skin inflammation and has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties) and Eucalyptus (Excellent for reducing fleas and help protect pets from parasites)
While pure essential oils are considered toxic for pets, when diluted to the right ratio, they can do wonders to help us.
#Iamnotworriedaboutthesoap #Iamjustworriedabouttheshoweritself #thisispecan’snervoussmile
Let the test begin!
Giving the soap a sniff test.
To be honest, the scent of tea-tree from the bottle was a tad overpowering.
Mummy wasn’t exactly fond of it (she says the smell reminds her of her pimples. -_-) and thus, was a little worried that we might start smelling like this after the bath.
#toolateliao #pathofnoreturn #ithinkpecanistryingtorunaway
Our “Why-our-lives-so-tragic” faces.
Not only does the soap not contain any foaming agents (which can be harmful to pets), it is made of many other organic ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil.
When she was rinsing us off, Mummy noticed that the texture of our coats had changed slightly. 
While it wasn’t exactly silky, she could feel that the soap had been absorbed by our coat, making it soft to touch.
This really met our request of a moisturizing ‘shampoo’ that will not change the texture of our coats.
How interesting.
#wedonotcare #justrinseandletusoutofhere
“Please dry my tail thoroughly.”
Pecan getting a blowout.
Mummy did her own scent test after we were done with our blow dry.
Thankfully we didn’t smell like walking pimple tea-tree oil. 
Instead, there was a very slight scent that turned out to be rather pleasant.
#thisoneismummysayone #ifyoudon’tagreeitisnotourfault
Even our helper, Auntie Andrea, agreed.
We’ve been using the soap for the past three months and are really pleased to share that our coats do look brighter and whiter.
Although we aren’t sure if we can attribute this to the soap, but there really is a decrease in ticks and fleas occurrence in our household. 
Yes, we still dread our weekly baths. That said we’re rather glad that we don’t walk around smelling like a sweet flower (yucks). 
Besides the organic properties of the soap, we also really like how environmentally conscious the brand is!
#noanimaltesting #exceptonusla #theysupportfairtrade
If your pooch is suffering from any skin issues (or not, just like us), why not give Dr Bronner a shot! 
You can purchase them from Nature’s Glory!

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