Pecan Woods, Sam Forest, Shelly Blackwood, Sherman Redwood
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Singapaw-rean food!

Our parents are proud Singaporeans and this little red dot is where we call home now.

But, do you know that we are actually from all over the world? I’m from NYC (Yap, call me Uncle Sam), Pecan’s from down under (She’s Aussie) and Sherman and Shelly are Russians. #unitednationsofdogs

The only true-blue Singapaw-rean in our crew has crossed over the rainbow bridge. #hipippin

To help us fit in (cos not many doggos can understand our accents), our parents will make use of all opportunities to get us accustomed to the local culture. And this is why our Mummy went cray-cray when she saw the local food inspired dog toys! #abittoocraycray #sheboughtallthevarieties #siaoone #excusetospendmummy

We’re proud to introduce you to our very local Singapaw-rean food! What a spread! Pardon our backdrop, Mummy’s trying hard to make it feel like we are having a picnic. #butnotenoughmaterial #sojustmakedok

The best part of this amazing spread…it’s ZERO calories. Yap, it means that NOTHING IS EDIBLE HERE. #samflipstableandwalksaway

Lucky for Mummy, Sherman and Shelly are huge fans of stuffed toys.

One: Meykrs Kuehzy Ang Ku Kueh & Tutu Kueh Dog Toy / Two: Nom Nom Plush Pineapple Tart/ Three: Nom Nom Plush Steam Cake  / Four: Nom Nom Plush Otah / Five: Nom Nom Plush Curry Puff  / Six: Meykrs Nanyang Kopi  / Seven: Woofer & Purrlensky Durian Squeaky Toy / Eight: Woofer & Purrlensky Singapaw Sling Squeaky Toy / Nine: Nom Nom Plush Ice cream sandwich / Ten: Meykrs Gem Biscuit Dog Toy / Eleven: Meykrs Ice Kacang Dog Toy / Twelve: Meykrs Siew Mai Dog Toy


Meykrs Dog Toys are from Gooddogpeople,  Nom Nom Plush from Knibbles, and Woofer & Purrlensky Toys from Woofer & Purrlensky *Nom Nom plush toys do not come with squeakers.

The spread is abit hard to comprehend.. so let us break it down into meals for you!


Why would anyone want to have a meal with this smelly, ill-behaved boy?#jealoussamcosapparentlyshermanismorepopularthanmeOops, okay, I side tracked.

Happy Sherman is enjoying a tray of Siew Mai, a fish otah (Isn’t it too spicy for a Russian?) and Mummy’s favourite curry puff! And yes, pineapple tart for breakfast is a real thing in our household, during Chinese New Year that is. 

Next up, It’s….

This sweet little girl will enjoy these little snacks with you!From a steamed cake, Mummy’s childhood snack – Gem Biscuit (she only eats the top sugar part), tutu kueh (Coconut filling please), pineapple tart (super versatile!) and ang ku kueh (Peanut filling please!).

Oh, the russian has spoken and selected her favourite toy. That kinda also explains why the toy is slightly dirty. #cossheandshermancannotstopplayingwithit

And then to Mummy’s favourite time of the day….

There’s a real reason why Pecan was chosen for this shot.Because she has A sweet tooth! Like literally. #sheisbogay

Ah ma’s licking on yet another mummy’s childhood classic – Ice kacang.  And the king of fruits – Durians. Oh, we may be ‘ang mos’ (*foreigners) but we are huge huge fan of this amazing fruit! And the uniquely Singapore Ice cream sandwich that costs just $1 in real life!#mummy’sfavouritetime #shehasasweettoothtoo 

Ice Kacang is actually made of shaved ice and that explains Pecan’s brain freeze expression.

 Lastly, it’s time for the grown-up to enjoy. It’s time for…

Pardon me as I sip on the amazing Singapaw Sling!And of cos, a nanyang Kopi (*coffee) for any underaged kiddos here.  (though we are more of a ‘teh’ (*tea) family.

Okay, getting a tad tipsy that I can’t even grab my straw anymore.. Bruh~~

Hope you enjoyed getting to know some of our local delights! Who would you like to join the most? Now back to shredding our toys.#RIPtoys

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