Pecan Woods
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Our little ‘old’ superstar – Pecan Woods

Old is really gold.#seniordogsarethebest And we wanted to capture every moment of Pecan’s ‘old-ness’.#whydoesthissoundwrong

Mummy decided to have a photoshoot to celebrate Pecan’s 15 years! It was a no brainer for us when we chose which photographer to use. Cos the photographer + assistant are some of hers and ours favourite people around – the amazing people behind Ohpopdog!

Just look that this. How can you not go Awwwww? “Oh my ah mama~” (that’s like Mummy’s chant when she looked through this)

The brief we gave was simple (to us la) – we just wanted the focus to be on Pecan and have it done our favourite Ohpopdog style! We left it all to the amazing ladies to style and direct the shoot. All we had to do was bring our little superstar to the studio, bring her some treats and simple props and just sit around and watch.

To be honest, Mummy found Pecan’s the least cooperative of the brood when it comes to taking photos these days.Ever since she got older and started losing her hearing (probably about 2 years ago), she became really bad with her basic cues. It is a challenge to get her to stay or sit just for a shot. #olddogisalsostubbornone #wethinksheispretending 

So, we were slightly concerned that it might be quite hard to manage her for the shoot.Our worries were really unfounded, cos G and Zee were so good with her. And of course, the photos turned out GORGEOUS!

Here goes:

Pecan’s typical face is a smile, so Mummy was very excited to get some shots of her serious face. #andwithouthersquintyjudgeyeyes

We also customised a cake from Barking Good, our absolute favourite Baker!

The cake was so pretty! It’s mainly meat based and since we really ain’t fans of fruits, Mummy ate all the delicious strawberries!

Happy belated Birthday Peekee!

Yes, you will get first bite! #eyesonthecakeyeah

We brought our own props!Pecan’s bandana from Oopsie Daisy.

How can it be in Ohpopdog style without an Ohpopdog outift! #thisoneisourshor 

An Ohpopdog bandana too! This was one of the first few items we owned from this amazing brand.

It’s no easy feat being a ‘OLD’ superstar. Our little granny actually fell asleep in the midst of the shoot. #hengitisnearthened #ahmareallyisthebest #shegotskill

Thanks Ohpopdog for capturing such lovely shots of our dearest old lady! Mummy absolutely LOVE it!

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