Pecan Woods, Sam Forest, Shelly Blackwood, Sherman Redwood
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Our Ohpopdog shoot – Part TWO!

It took Mummy a long while (erm, about three months) to realise that she actually did not share the group shots from our Ohpopdog shoot with Pecan!

The Loo Lim family! From tallest to shortest!

Interestingly, the tallest is the youngest (Sherman turns TWO this year) and the shortest is the oldest (Ah ma is 16!). #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #shermanisanoversizedjrt #orratherheisabearThough we wanted Pecan to be the star of the shoot, it turned out that the show-snatcher was… stupid SHELLY LOO.

Check out her goofy expressions!

Pecan didn’t seem to happy to be stuck in the box with Shelly.What stupid expression is this ah? AND why do the young punks seemed more tired than the seniors?And this!


#facepalm #shellyneedsasmackbutton Still, Mummy loved every shot taken! But again of course la, I mean we really are a good looking family! #bhb

Thanks G and Zee once again for the amazing pics!

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