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What’s up?

Well, nothing much actually. 
Mummy was up to her neck in her work for the past month and would much rather catch up with her sleep than blog for us.
So, for the Nth time, we apologise for the lack of posts no thanks to we-know-who.
Thank you for not giving up on us!
On a good note, things are finally moving for us!
After a couple of months of deliberation and multiple (really disappointing) meetings with IDs, Mummy decided to take things in her own hands and decorate/design our new apartment herself.
#dieliaola #surenodesignsenseone #lookhowmuchfaithwehaveinourmummy
Regardless of how the place turns out to be (fingers/paws crossed), Pecan and I are really looking forward to just having our own space once again.
Reno works start tomorrow!
So, wish us luck!
Let the countdown begin….

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