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The Itchy granny

Pecan has been scratching non-stop of late and that got Mummy slightly worried.
While she was concerned, she wanted to KIV for the moment.
Then, a couple of days ago, she noticed a bump on ah ma’s chest (the spot where Pecan couldn’t stop scratching).
So, rather swiftly, a vet appointment was scheduled and off to the scary place ah ma went.
#luckynotme #goodluckahma

Turns out that the skin bump was probably environment-related.
Bumps are never a good thing, especially on a senior dog. But thankfully (and quite grossly), Pecan’s persistent scratching did cause the bump to burst. 
While the bump is gone (phew), it is now an exposed wound and prone to infection.
With that, we went home with a cream and instructions to prevent her from scratching or irritating the stop further.
#nowshehasabaldpatchonherchest #lol
It’s amazing how Mummy can always find reasons for her shopaholic ways.
What better way to keep Pecan’s scratching at bay…
then…dog clothes from ohpopdog!
To ensure that the wound is kept clean, Mummy decided to purchase three shirts to allow for daily washing.
Interestingly, we both wear the same size!
Lucky for us, Pecan ah ma doesn’t seem to mind wearing clothes at all.
If it was me, I will probably be sulking all day.
Besides looking rather chic on her, the clothes certainly did exactly what Mummy had intended for them to – stop her from scratching.
Plus, these well made clothes are really comfy, especially for a warm climate like Singapore. 
Needless to say, Pecan ah ma is liking them!
Keeping our paws crossed that the wound will heal nicely cos I’m pretty sure Pecan ah ma isn’t too keen to return to the vet anytime soon.

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