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Happy Lunar New Year!

Our Lunar New Year was pretty blah~
For starters, we’re still staying with Grandmummy as our new place is not yet already.
Thus, we really couldn’t have any friends over.
Secondly, we weren’t included in any of our parents’ house visiting plans.
Oh well~
Nonetheless, we were still dressed to the nines for the occasion.
We ended up parading around the house for no one to see.
Thank you Godmummy for the lovely outfits from Bangkok!

Ah ma showing off her pretty dress and *cough* sexy *cough* dress.

Me looking like a dumpling in my outfit.
Well, we all agreed that ah ma’s outfit was way cuter than mine.
Mummy commented that the male outfit would be more complete if it also came with a hat.
So she decided to do some lousy photoshop.
#justforherownkick #tookherdamnlongla #sheisreallynotsavvy
Oh well, wishing everyone a happy lunar new year!
Hope you have a great monkey year ahead!
PS: We do welcome ang baos.
So please send them this way to help fund our tummies!

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