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Our modelling gig

We’re adding the title of blogshop models under our belts.
#seenowweareatrueblueblogger #wearemodelstoolikethoseprettybloggersleh
Well, technically, ohpopdog isn’t a blogshop. It’s an etsy shop.
When the kind people from ohpopdog asked if they could use us as models for their latest collection, Mummy said YES!
We have been fans of their products for a while and we really love all the gorgeous pics that they post on their instagram account.
And boy oh boy, after we saw the end products for the shoot, we’re over the moon with how everything turned out.
Photo Credits: ohpopdog
Matchy-matchy with Pecan.
#nowwelooklikeacouple #ohman

Damn, I am such a natural. 
Ah ma needs to be more sensitive to the camera though.
#whyisahmastaringintospace #roomforimprovement
Okay, I admit, Pecan does look kinda adorbs in the outfit.
#shelookslikeaschoolgirl #noIamNOTfallinginlovewithher
Just a chirpy little boy!
Seriously, the photographer deserves a huge thumbs up for making me look so stud.
#alotofpeoplewhosawmerecentlysayifat #thedifferencethecameraanglemakes
Mummy is super impressed by how nice the photos turned out.
After all, there wasn’t any overly flashy equipments. 
All done with a simple DSLR.
Photo source: ohpopdog Facebook

Doesn’t we just look so fantastic?
In fact we were so good that it took us less than two hours to call it a wrap!
Hehe, and our favourite part was..
the kind people at ohpopdog gave us each our very own Oh! Apparel Harness!
You’ve to admit that we look pretty awesome in them.
#lookatourlousymummy’sphototakingskill #samedogsomeoutfitendproductsodifferent

We certainly had a huge blast during the photoshoot!
Can’t believe that work can be this fun too!
Hehe, keeping our paws crossed that we may have more opportunities like this in future!
#ifyouneeddogmodelsweareavailable #justpayusintreats

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