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Sam’s Pick: Fiverr

Yap, in case you’re wondering, Mummy’s shopping spree hasn’t quite ended.
But on a good note, it is getting less costly.
This is our ‘feel sorry’ for Daddy’s face.
Mummy was introduced to Fiverr by a friend who’s owns a startup and was looking for affordable design options.
It’s actually a website that offers services and tasks with a starting price of just USD5!
And boy oh boy, Mummy was hooked instantly. 
Mummy’s addiction to illustrations isn’t something new.
But honestly, most illustrations do not come cheap. 
It’s no wonder Mummy was over the moon when she saw what Fiverr had to offer.

Mummy’s latest purchase:
Kawaii Sam and Pecan!
For Christmas she said (AGAIN).
I think Pecan ah ma looks better kawaii than me.
#howcomepecancuterthanme #nofairleh
Time taken: 10 days
Amount paid: USD31.50 for two
Rush order available.
Order here
We did say latest purchase. 
And yap, that certainly wasn’t the first.
Instead, this was Mummy’s first ever purchase on Fiverr.
She googled pet illustration and gave the one that popped up first with the best reviews a shot.
She absolutely loved what she received and unfortunately for Daddy, that kickstarted her addiction.
But we’ve to admit, it sure does look really good.

Time taken:
Cost: USD32.50
Get it here
This was one of Mummy’s favourites!
I am extremely pleased about how Pecan ah ma looked. She has this evil wolfish look while in contrast, I look so innocent and sweet.
#becauseinreallifeshebulliesmeallthetime #sheisevilonelor

In fact, Mummy adored the illustrations so much that she even made them into stickers and stuck them onto her lappie!

Time taken: 12 days 
Cost: USD11.50
(Oops, the seller is no longer active on Fiverr. What a shame!)

While most of them were hits, there was a kinda-miss.
When Mummy saw this seller, she was exactly sure how it would turn out. 
She didn’t have high hopes and was simply looking for a laugh.
#toomuchmoneytospendhuhshe #sheshouldhavejustboughtustreatsinstead
And a laugh she got.
I look hideous.
Time taken: 7 days
Cost: USD 21
Get it here
It was actually a tad costly in her opinion and she wasn’t too sure what she was getting herself into. Hence, she only ordered my version and wanted to KIV ah ma’s.
Although she did like the end product, she figured that we could do without Pecan’s one.
#wisedecisionindeed #sorrypecan
Besides illustrations, Mummy also turned to it for some help for other design woes.
Remember the nice artwork we used during our recent photoshoot?
Mummy managed to find someone to turn this…
#mummyhaszerodesigntalent #machiamprimaryschoolkid
into this!
All she did was print it out on a thicker sheet of paper and placed it in a nice frame.
Easy breezy!
Time taken: 1 day
Cost: USD15.75
Get it here
Anyway, if you’re running late for gift shopping (most sellers provide rush orders with an additional charge), are on a tight budget (it starts at only USD5!) or simply are as bored (boliao in other words) as our Mummy is, no harm popping over to Fiverr.
You never know what gem you’ll be able to chance upon!
But hor, don’t blame us when you get hooked to it.
Mummy’s note: Well, Fiverr is not without it’s criticism of destroying the creative industry by undercharging. Of course, if you’re looking for a logo design for your company or a website revamp, this probably isn’t the best way to go. Afterall, how much originality and effort would you really expect from someone who is charging that little? I would suggest you hire a real professional to do it. But if you’re a compulsive shopper for rubbish items like me someone who gets a kick out of shopping around for illustrations for fun or a good laugh, I would most definitely say go for it.

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