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Sam tested: Ohiyo Pets

We were very honoured to be invited by Auntie QY to test out a basic grooming session at Ohiyo Pets.
And seriously, the invite couldn’t come at a better time. 
We were a week away from our family photoshoot and cheapo Mummy was just about to groom us herself.
So, thank you Ohiyo Pets for this timely invitation!!
#cannotimaginehowwewilllookifmummygroomedusherself #disasterevaded #phew
“Oi, some privacy please?”
Opened in May this year, Ohiyo Pets is located at 3 South Buona Vista Road (around Pasir Panjang). While the decor isn’t overly elaborated, we definitely like how clean and neat the place is!
(Photo source: Ohiyo Pets)
While the cleanliness of a grooming salon is an important factor, what matters even more to Mummy was that she got to stay throughout the grooming session. 
In fact, it’s really something pet parents should do at each new grooming place!
Not only does it help to calm your furkids down, you can even start snapping Instagram-worthy pictures!
After we got cleaned and clipped, we were sent to the tub for our baths.
Cheeky ah ma absolutely enjoying her scrub down.
Ohiyo Pets blend their own shampoo!
Today’s flavour is.. Maracuja.
I is no fan of baths, hence my face.
We were also very honoured to be the first two lucky pooches to try out their Nano Bubble Spa.
Well, ah ma was the first la.
I was quite worried that they were gonna put me in the tub that ah ma soaked in.
Thankfully, they emptied and refill the tub just for me.
In fact, they do that for every single customer, so you need not worry about sharing dirty water.
#hengah #idontwanttobatheinsmellyahmawater
Not only was the bubble spa really comfy, it helps to infiltrate the pores of the skin by removing dirt, impurities, bacteria from the pores while cleansing the skin.
Apparently it also rids dog odours and keeps the pooch smelling fresher for longer!
Next up,
blow drying!
The sparkingly clean Pecan.
Doesn’t she just look so cuddly and fluffy?
Now, my turn.
“Yeah, please scratch that itch for me ya.”
Ta da~
Clean and extremely adorable.
Mummy went home with two sweet-smelling dogs while we went home with deliciously goodies from Animals Kitchen.
So, Mummy happy, 
we happy, 
everybody happy.
We really enjoyed our grooming sessions at Ohiyo Pets and with our paws up, we definitely would recommend it to you!
Best of all, transport service is available for just an additional $10! 
Mummy’s note: I really like how comfortable QY and Shane were with Sam and Pecan! I guess it always amazed me how groomers can clip the nails and clean the ears of these two wiggly rascals. And they did just that. Easy breezy somemore. Shame on me man. The dogs also went home smelling fresh for a loooong time. Another bonus! Of course, they looked perfect at our photoshoot. But again, I’m biased. =P

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