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Sam @ School

I recently started Day School at Puppy Colours.
To no one’s surprise, I earned the rank of a troublemaker after just one day.
I guess they don’t call us Jack Rascals or Jack Russell Terrors for nothing.
Blending in like a boss.
Can’t tell that it’s only my second day at school huh?
#Iisanatural #highEQislikethatone
Sam, the school troublemaker. 
One look at my adorable naughty face and you will know why I am able to earn this honourable title so effortlessly.
#whygotdogsocuteone #yayasam #fiftyfacesofsam
I may be the oldest kid in school, but I definitely ain’t the best behaved.
But oh well, they still adore me to bits.
Photo credit: Puppy Colours

Yap, in case you can’t tell, school days are a blast!
Can’t wait to head back next week,
#hengmyschoolnohomeworkorexamone #that’swhysofun

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