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Made with Love: Blueberry Ice Cream

It’s been a while since Mummy made us something. So, she decided to whip a yummy dessert to combat the heat!
It’s none other than… Blueberry Ice Cream for dogs!
#mummycannotplateforherlife #ittastedbetterthanitlooked #mummypretendingtobeadessertchef #failla
It was a real simple fix and required only a handful of ingredients.
What you need:
2 cups of plain/greek yoghurt
1 box of fresh blueberries
1 teaspoon of honey
1 piece of dehydrated pork/beef/chicken jerky
Checking out the ingredients and giving it our sniff of approval.
As neither me and Pecan ah ma are fans of fruits, Mummy decided to incorporate some blueberries to trick us into eating them. 
Besides having antioxidants, they can also help with cognitive functions for older dogs.
#senileahmaneedstoeattonsofblueberries #sucksthatwegotoutsmartbymummy
What to do:
1. Puree the blueberries using a blender (Do set aside some as garnish)
2. Using a mixer, mix the yoghurt and honey together. 
3. Add the pureed blueberries and mix thoroughly.
4. If you have an ice cream maker like us (we have a Cuisinart), pour the mixture into the maker and churn for 15 minutes. 
If not, pour the mixture into an ice tray and freeze overnight to obtain Blueberry pops instead.
5. Cut up a piece of jerky into small pieces.
5. Serve the yummy ice cream/pops and satisfy the little bellies of your furkids. Don’t forget to sprinkle some jerky as toppings to make the dessert more palatable!
Easy breezy isn’t it?
To ensure that the ice cream was camera ready, Mummy went on to transfer the ‘ice cream’ into a glass container and placed it in the freezer to chill for about an hour. 
But unfortunately, it was a pain to shoot and she only had a couple of minutes to snap away.
#timecrunch #foroncewedidnothavetowaitforeverforourtreats #Iamlikingicecreamalready
Sizing the dish up.
We just wanted to make sure it was edible.
And off we went!
Greedy ah ma actually took a chunk and attempted to run off into her little cozy corner to chomp away.
Mummy panicked and had to catch the melting ice-cream with her bare hands to prevent it from falling on the couch. 
Hehe, it was a pretty funny sight. 
#winliaola #ahmathetroublemaker
Giving the dessert our tongues of approval!
Looking forward to more yummy dishes by Mummy!
Mummy’s note: Okay, to be honest, this tasted wayyyyy too sour for my liking. And it definitely fascinated me how the pooches ate it up like it was the best thing in their lives. Patronising indeed. Hehe, this is exactly why I rather cook for them than the mister of the household, k. Oh well, glad they enjoyed it! Oh, if you wanna make some for yourself, don’t forget to add sugar!

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