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Here comes 2015!

Yap, yet another year has come and gone.
There were some ups and downs in 2014, but overall, I think we did pretty alright. 
So, we are hoping that 2015 will treat us equally well, if not better. 
What better way to kick start the new year than to conform to the norm…
by setting New Year Resolutions!
Creativity at its best…not.
#samandpecanonthebandwagon #lightbulbmoment
Here goes…
1. Stop Lao-sai-ing (diarrhoea)
Sad to say, both me and Pecan ah ma have been having non-stop runs for the past 1.5weeks. 
It’s like a Merlion out of our butts. 
#mybacksidepainliao #ahmashitslikesheisvomittingoutofherarse
After Mummy’s failed home-remedies (pumpkin, boiled chicken and brown rice did nothing to help), she gave in and brought us to the vet. 
So, the two of us are currently on ID food and a strict no-treats diet. Not to mention yucky meds.
Sigh. What a shitty way to celebrate the new year. 
So…please please please… GO AWAY STUPID STOMACH BUGS!
PS: Thanks Auntie Lynne for the unglam photo -_-
2. Go for another dog-friendly staycation
We’re trusting Mummy to keep her promise on this!
More importantly, we’re also hoping that more hotels would open their doors to adorable four-legged guests like us!
3. Resume our weekly pet-friendly brunch dates!
Going for weekly brunches at places that I’m welcomed was a family custom that unfortunately came to a sudden halt when the then-grumpy Pecan came into our family. 
Now that our parents are becoming increasingly confident that Pecan ah ma can behave at pet cafes, I sure am hoping that Mummy and Daddy would resume our practice soon!

4. Continue our swimming missions
Yes, we admit… we have a swimming addiction. 
Seeing Mummy pack for our swims has to be the highlight of our week – Pecan ah ma will burst into a happy dance, while I start trotting around the house in joy. 
So, this is one thing that we definitely wanna continue!
#samthesauveswimmer #pecantheoldmermaid
Of course, as much as we love the pool at Sunny Heights, we really won’t mind if we can head to the beach for some wave-chasing too once in a while too!
5. Win back my position in the Loo Lim household
This resolution comes as a challenge to a particular senile old ah ma. 
My ‘Top Dog’ position has been threatened since the day she came into the picture. 
From hogging my beds, snatching my toys to stealing my belly rubs, this ah ma has taken over my position.
And I am not happy about that.
This 2015, I’m going to put my paws down and win back my position.
You watch out… Pecan Woods.
I’m coming.
#myactfiercefacescaryhor #nowyouknowhowfierceicanbe
Gonna put in 101 percent to achieve my resolutions.
Stay tuned to watch my success!
Happy New Year, y’all~

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