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Sam’s welcomed: Pet-friendly Ah B Cafe

After months and months of anticipation, the Ah B Cafe is finally opened!
If you’re wondering what it is, it’s actually a pet-friendly cafe that is located in Sunny Heights (where we swim every weekend). 
As happy as we are, I think Mummy’s more excited. After all, there’s finally a nice place for her and Daddy to have brunch at before being dragged to the pool by us.
The decor of the place is really simple and clean and we took to it immediately.
Mummy’s really pleased that it’s extremely spacious too. 
Although the washroom is outside, the cafe has a sink areas for the humans to wash their hands, making it really convenient.
We quickly made ourselves at home.
Besides the usual table and chairs, there’s a separate (shoes off) seating area that consists of comfy beanbags! 
We even managed to fit into one.
#Iamstuck #Iknowwhatyouarethinkingmummybutwedonotneedabeanbagathome
Unfortunately, the food menu is kinda limiting and there weren’t many options. Plus, we were there a tad early and the soup Mummy wanted wasn’t ready.
Nonetheless, Mummy was quite pleased with the Teriyaki Chicken that she settled for and Auntie Andrea (Grandmummy’s helper that tagged along) was equally happy with her Ah B Burger. 
Ah B Cafe doesn’t offer pet food, but hey~ Pawlicious is just next door. So, pet owners just have to head over to order some yummy chow or treats for their furkids.
As Mummy and Auntie Andrea enjoyed their lunch, Pecan ah ma and myself simply wandered around the entire cafe, greeting the friendly staff while waiting for an opportunity to escape and run to the pool.
Sam the camper waiting for a chance to scoot off to the pool. 
Too bad for me, those who came through it were extremely cautious and I didn’t have a single chance to ‘escape’.
#Samtheopportunist #whynooneopendoorforme #wewannaswim
Not only is it really spacious inside, there’s a huge outdoor area for us to stretch our paws too.
Plus, we love that Pawlicious Bakery shares this area as well.
HEHEHEE, it means that we’ll have a chance to beg for some treats from Auntie Jaster and Uncle Burn.
Of course, the lovely lunch ended with a trip to the pool to complete our rescue missions.
#Howcanweleavewithoutaswim #theswimaddicts

Mummy’s note: I’m super excited that we have yet another pet cafe in the vicinity! Furthermore, it’s really convenient for us too. The ambience is really nice and there’s ample space for the dogs to roam (another PLUS). Although the food is decent, there weren’t many options to choose for. Hopefully that’s something that will be improved upon. After all, it’s only their first week of operation. In the meanwhile, I’m pretty sure that Saturday brunch will a tiny weeny bit more exciting for us now.

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