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Ah ma’s obsession…

has grown!
Seeing how fond of squeaky toys Pecan ah ma is, Mummy just couldn’t stop adding more to the collection.
And the newest member of ah ma’s gang of BFFs is…
Of course ah ma loves it.
Not only is it new, the size is just right for her smelly mouth!
No thanks to Mummy for indulging in her love for squeaky toys, Pecan has developed a new pastime.
First, she leaves her squeaky friends everywhere around the house. 
Then, she walks around looking for them, before stepping on them (she treats her friends horribly!) to hear them squeak. 
She would repeat the above actions till she finds her flavor of the day. 
After which, she would proceed to carry it for god-knows-how long. 
No surprises who’s her favorite today.
And of course, she has to bring it to bed with her.
I’m really wishing Mummy would stop indulging in ah ma’s weird obsession and spend the money on treats to fill my little tummy.
Fingers crossed!


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