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Tiny apples

Auntie Lynne is a super darling! 
Because…. she bought us two smallie apples!!!!
It was the first time we ever saw apples that were this small! Mummy was really amused while we were just a little unsure.
I mean the apples are so tiny that we didn’t even think it was real!
On the contrary, we actually mistook our apple stuffie for being the real thing.
Since I’ve always been Auntie Lynne’s favorite dog, I thought I could get my way and claim ownership of both the apples.
Of course, my ‘fantasy’ did not last long. 
At all.
Within seconds, Pecan has creeped beside me and successfully took one from me.
Oh well, at least I still have one all to myself.
We were really fascinated by the smallie apples!
They are so small that they were almost the same size as Pecan’s paws!
I swear that I could also gobble down the whole thing in just one bite!
I wasn’t convinced that it was the real thing at all and just and to take a lick at it.
And boy oh boy, it was really a real apple!
Despite being small in size, Mummy still managed to cut it up for us and we realized that there was plenty to go around, for me and Pecan of course.
And we just had to put on our best begging faces…
to be rewarded!
Incredibly, the tiny apples were extremely crunchy and sweet! In fact, it was so good that we finished one all by ourselves!
Mummy was grumbling at the side for not being able to have eat much. Hehe, she usually gets to eat half of a normal size apple while we eat the other half. Too bad for her that there isn’t much to spare this time round.
Nonetheless, we loved it…
Please buy us more apples AUNTIE LYNNE!

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