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Sam by the river…

It has been a while since we headed out for a nice Sam-welcomed brunch. Since it was Daddy’s birthday, we just had to pamper ourselves and set out for a family meal.
Deciding where to go was easy. Mummy was introduced to eM by the River by some taitai friends of hers. On her first visit there, she was pleasantly surprised to see two (overly) yappy poodles chilling out on the couches in the indoor space while their owners enjoyed their lunch. Since then, she has been mentioning that she wanted to bring me here.
Guess she finally found the right time to.
Daddy preaching (*yawns*) while we were waiting to be seated.
Although we didn’t make reservations, we were pretty lucky to be seated beside the river. Mummy was actually hoping to be indoors where I can actually chill on the couch. Unfortunately, the indoor seatings are designed for bigger groups. 
Maybe next time.
Happy me with my parents. 
Geesh, they both needa work on their hair… 
Enjoying the lovely weather and good river view.
Believe it anot, it was actually my first time at the Robinson Quay area. Thus, I was pretty amused by the boats that sailed by us along Singapore River.
The wait was reasonable, though it was a little tough getting the attention of the servers. I had to frantically wave my paw (to no avail). 
The food selection is decent and the breakfast sets include a juice and coffee or tea. Pretty good deal. Being gluttons, they decided to order some Swedish Meatballs as well.
And I found the best seat in the house.
Let’s start!
Before I could dig in, Daddy chased me off the seat and banished me to the ground. 
Nevermind. I was all prepared.
*Puts on his begging face*
“Please, Mummy?”
I couldn’t believe that I failed after three attempts. 
Time for the ultimate. 
And down came a piece of bacon. 
From the corner of my eye, I could see Daddy shooting daggers with his glares. 
Ho ho ho..
Daddy – 0 vs Sammy – 1
*Wriggley dance*
Satisfied with my achievement, I decided to leave my parents alone while I enjoyed the environment. (And of course, show some pitiful expressions every now and then for a small treat)
Even without food, I was quite entertained. 
It’s kinda nice watching people walking past (and ‘awwww’-ing at my extreme cuteness) and boats cruising by.
Immersed in deep thoughts. 
(See, I do have a deep side, k!)
After brunch, we decided to take a short stroll along the river.
Pity the heat caught up with us and seeing how warm I was starting to feel, my parents decided to cut the day short and head back to ZZz.. Afterall, it was a lazy sunday!
On a good note, Mummy was glad to see even more dog-friendly places as we walked on. Hee, seems like it’s gonna take a while for us to explore all these places! But I sure don’t mind coming by the river again!
Mummy’s note: Honestly, the food and service at this restaurant is sub-par. On my two visits (which I ordered the exact same thing, yes, I’m an exciting person you can see), both my entrees were served room temperature. I did send the food back on my first visit, but when it came back the plate was hot and it was pretty obvious they simply just microwaved the whole thing. (Brilliant huh?) I couldn’t be bothered to send it back again. Nonetheless, if their wait staff is unable to keep up with the kitchen, the least they could do is probably invest in a food warmer. Oh well..
BUT, I’m a sucker. I love the ambience and vibe of the place. So, sheepishly I’ve to admit that  despite the below-average food and slow service, I know I’ll be back. It’s all personal preference. And since my priority is environment over food, I’m willing to give this place a 3rd, maybe 4th try. We shall see.

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