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It’s PAYDAY!!!

Well, while this is somewhat overdue (oabout 2 months late), but.. I’ve just (physically) received my very first paycheck!!!!!
*Wriggly dance*
Now I can finally get my paws on that awesome toy I’ve been eyeing and that yummy treat that I’ve been drooling about..
Just when I was basking in joy, Daddy (as usual) had to be a wet (soaked more like it) blanket and burst my little bubble! 
And no surprises, I swear he was gloating too..
Apparently I was told that I had already advanced my paycheck 1.5 months ago on that fateful day when Mummy made a trip to the pet food supplier and bought god-knows-what.
Shaking my head in disbelief….
What it means is that when this cheque (my precious~~) is cashed, every single cent of it is going to go into Daddy’s bank account.
Yap, my life sucks and I’ve money sucking parents .

Oh well, nonetheless, it IS my first paycheck, and despite my uber ‘buay song-ness’ (means unhappy), here’s a photo to commemorate. 
Mental Note to self: I need to set up my own bank account and manage my own finances… 

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