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My Triangle Travel Quilt!

You know your mother is crazy obsessed..erm.. I mean selfless when she buys a present for you for her birthday! 
Ho ho ho …
After eyeing at this item for close to two months since she first saw in on Pretty Fluffy, Mummy finally took the plunge on this very purchase. It’s her birthday present to herself, or so she says… (I’m quite sure Daddy footed the credit card bill.. shhhhh) 
Who cares, since I’m the one to benefit. *GRINZ*
And..word has it that  (*puts on a fake british accent) this lovely package came from the land my breed originated – Yap, you guessed it right, this was fresh from…ENGLAND!
Wondering what it is?
That’s it?!
I can barely fit…. (Yet another sign it’s time to lose weight…dang~)
Nay…just kidding..
Designed and hand-made in Hackney, East London, this gorgeous quilted travel mat is just the right thing for a hip little terrier like me!
Best of all, the quilt is actually machine-washable! Certainly a god-send for a messy eater like me. (To my credit, I DO try my best to lick up all the leftovers.)
And like most handmade quilts, this lovely piece will improve with age and repeated washes! 
Maybe this shall be my heirloom, to be passed from me to Sam2 to Sam3 to Sam4 to… SamX..
(Mental note to Self: I should NOT pee on it..)
I’m loving it!
Thank you Mummy!!! (and Daddy)
Time to test out this quilt with my 101 poses… 
Sigh.. yet another awesome dog product for the handsome me. 
Oh ya, happy birthday Mummy! If only it’s your birthday everyday….
Apparently Mummy really loved the Geometric Throw Quilt that is a perfect match to Sammy’s quilt. But lucky for Daddy, she couldn’t bring herself to spend a good $500 bucks on it. 
Maybe next year?
Hohoho.. can imagine Daddy sweating already.. 
Mummy’s note: I’m so glad I finally bought it! And no regrets! This is really well-made and super compact and lightweight, great for bring around when traveling short or long distances. Well, it might be a little small for the fattening rascal, but he does enjoy curling into a ball when he sleeps, so I guess that isn’t much of a concern! In addition, Styletails has great service too! And yes, I am STILL eyeing on that uber expensive quilt. Guess Sam might be right..maybe next year… 


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