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Steak and Eggs Please?

We had an exciting weekend planned. However, looking out of the window immediately after waking up, I came to realise that was no way we weren’t gonna step outside at all (Toilet breaks aside).
BOO to the haze.
Disappointed, I lazed in bed sulking. 
Mummy popped her head in and saw that I was really upset.  Hence, she did what awesome mummies do – she asked me what I wanted for breakfast!
Sam: *Thinks hard* …. “STEAK & EGGS!”
Mummy: “Ay ay Captain!” 

Luckily for me, there were some frozen steak in the freezer! *Wriggly dance*
Within minutes from my request, the cooked beef aroma filled the house and I swore I could not stop drooling. 
This easy dish was done in less than ten minutes and my frown was at once transformed into a huge smile!
“Pretty please.. can I start?”
As soon as it began, there was almost nothing left and yes, I licked the bowl smacking clean once again.
The yummy steak & eggs breakfast certainly drove the ‘haze blues’ out of the window! 
While I wished I could embark on some monkey rescue missions, this meal more than made up for that. 
Hooray to Mummy!
I’m not saying I like that haze, it’s just that getting stuck indoors with mummy really isn’t that bad after all. 

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