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Crafting duo strikes again – Paw Print Keepsake

Wtith the haze situation deteriorating, I was stuck indoors all day (Limited to quickie walks lasting no more than ten minutes, a far cry from my usual routine). 
Besides too many games of fetch, there was nothing much to do.
I was almost dying of boredom.
So I approached Mummy and asked that the crafting duo do something fun. 
Mummy: “What shall we do then?”
Sam: “Let’s do something with.. my paw!”
Coincidentally, mummy bought a Sculpey Keepsake Deluxe Pawprint Kit from Art Friend a couple of days ago!
Time to put it into good use!
The kit comes with clay, a ring (for the shape and size), a small rolling pin, a detail tool and a ribbon. The clay is only sufficient for one application, but mummy says that we could always get more clay from Art Friend. Let’s see how this goes before we decide if we are gonna do it once more.
Let’s get the ball rolling!
To minimize mess and to keep the project within my reach, mummy decided to do it on the floor using the baking tray and parchment paper.
And here goes.
We began by preheating the oven. 
Kneading the clay was easy and took no more than a couple of minutes. However, fitting the kneaded clay into the ring and smoothening it out took mummy way longer than she expected. Besides that, the other huge challenge was removing the clay from the ring without losing its shape. 
She barely succeeded after nth tries. -_-
I was so bored and tired from waiting that I actually fell asleep. I did give her some ‘eye’ support, but since it wasn’t all that helpful, I thought I was better off taking forty winks. 
I was woken from my beauty sleep abruptly by Daddy. He brought me over to mummy and got me ready to ‘christen’ the clay. Mummy was kinda expecting me to be all fidgety and uncooperative (after the last paw print incident). I totally surprised her by being extremely calm and still when imprinting.
My little hollywood moment. 
Tadah~ Presenting my paw print!!
While it isn’t perfect, mummy thought it looked decent. The truth was she dreaded the idea of having to knead or reshape the clay again, not to mention the ‘black face’ Daddy might give if she asked for help once more. 
So with that, Mummy declared it a “PASS”!
Mummy added two holes (using the detail tool) before placing it in the oven to bake. After 30 minutes.. Viola~ it’s done! 

The end product looked great and the texture turned out well. 
(I swore I heard a loud sigh of relief from mummy)
Before we could declare it completed, there was just one more thing to do – Personalize it!
Using her trusty Martha Stewart Stencil and my official colour, mummy quickly added my name to it.
She added the final touch (the ribbon) and it was done!!
Presenting my pawprint keepsake!
(Pardon my expression.. I just woke up from my second nap. 
Isn’t it just perfect?
Within minutes, mummy found the perfect place to hang it up – The Grafunkt mirror! 
If you swing by our place, don’t forget to check it out!
Once Mummy cleared up the mess, she rewarded my hard work (Hey, it is extremely tiring providing ‘eye’ support!) by yet another round of fetch. 
Guess being stuck indoors isn’t all that terrible after all – especially when the crafting duo get to create more fun pieces! 
(Though I much rather go for nice long walks. Boo to the haze. =/ )
Till next time!


  1. Hi do you know where I can buy this Dog imprint Kit or have my 17 years Old Silky Terrier's Paw imprinted in Singapore? I kind of need it urgently. She is in her last days and we are so sad… I realised I never made a paw print for her and would like it as a keepsake after she passed on over the rainbow bridge. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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