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The best thing on Earth.. AMAZON!

We all know how awesome Amazon is.
And we also know what an online shopaholic Mummy can be.
So when we got wind that Amazon’s Global Shipping to Singapore is free for purchases above USD$125, you bet all hell broke loose!
Within days of learning possibly one of the best news Mummy had have this year, she was in front of the iMac online browsing.
A week after that fateful night, a lovely brown package arrived at our door step! 
Using my very cute paw-print, I signed and received it. Nope, I swore I didn’t bark at the mailman. Okay, maybe just one bark. Fine. TWO.
I was all excited to see what was in it!
(Yeah, green is mummy’s new black)
I was in awe of the purchases. But I wasn’t sure if they were meant for me.
Mummy: “Duh. Of course it’s for you.”
*Huge huge HUGE smile*
Mummy is da best!
Time to explore and see what goodies are in there!
Presenting the LOOT!
Safemade Products!
This company produces durable and lasting toys and pet products that have been tested to be safe for little monsters like me! 
In addition, the flexi-bowl, bone-shaped treat tray and paw-shaped treat tray are dishwasher and oven (up to 450 degrees) safe! Which means mummy can bake more yummy treats for me! 
I cannot wait!!
It’s yet another durable treat dispensing toy! To make it even goofier, I’m supposed to have a ridiculous grin when I hold the ball in my mouth. 
Pity, the ball is a tad big for my tiny little mouth *Pouts*.
Nonetheless, it works great as a treat ball.
Foufou Silicone Placemats – One for my home and the other for Grandma’s place!
And lastly, the most important purchase of all…
Hee, pardon the shy monkey who refuses to show his face.
Mummy was just fretting about how to replace my other monkey who is starting to show signs of wear and tear when the god-sent free shipping came! 
So here the newest monkey to join in with Sam’s rescue missions!
Meet Mr. Greenie! (How creative huh)
Just when I was still basking in joy and mummy’s love, I was given even better news.
There is another package that is still swimming towards me!!!!
Yap, it’s pretty typical of Amazon to send out the purchases in several packages. 
So I cannot wait to find out what other goodies are coming my way!
Cheers to Mummy, Amazon and of course, the ‘silent provider’ who’s probably annoyed with yet another hole in his pocket – Daddy!!
Mummy’s note: This is the best thing EVER! Well, almost. It did take me two hours to figure out the free shipping option. Apparently, if there are any items that don’t qualify, your whole purchase will not qualify either. Unfortunately, there will not be any indication as to which are the items that are not eligible. As a result, using trial and error, I had to sieve through my shopping cart of almost 20 items to identify the culprit(s). -_- It turned out that items that are under the weight limit but are slightly bulkier (I wanted to purchase a pillow) will not qualify. Nonetheless, I am ecstatic about this whole deal and rest assure that I am now going to continue with my online shopping sprees!!


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