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Made with Love.. Second Serving!

After Mummy’s first successful attempt making beef jerky, she embarked on her second attempt – Chicken Breast Jerky.
This time, she made sure to keep it within budget and bought two packets of chicken breast (for less than $5).
Mummy added some parsley and garlic powdering to increase the tastiness of the chicken. 
(Plus, parsley also helps to remove stinky breath!)
Stupid mummy only seasoned the top of the meat. Hence when she proceeded to slice them to 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick pieces, not all pieces were well seasoned. 
But they sure looked and smelt good nonetheless.
Close up of the best slice piece!

Unfortunately, it took a whooping eight hours for the whole dehydration process to be completed. I was soooo bored of waiting.
At least dinner was awesome! Mummy rewarded my patience with a home cooked chicken meal using the leftover meat and some frozen vegetables.
Daddy commented that it smelt so good that he wanted to have them for himself.
Ho ho ho.
Not happening, Daddy!
Finally, after a looong wait, the jerky were fully dehydrated!

I could not wait to sink my teeth in that!
Looked every inch like the store sold ones!

To ensure that all bacteria had been destroyed and to prolong the shelf life of the jerky, mummy placed them in the oven (at the lowest temperature) for ten minutes. 
Though it’s not very visible from the photo below, but the jerky were visibly more golden after the quick bake.
Hee, silly mummy got this step a little reversed as the ‘baking’ of the jerky should be done before the dehydration as that would kill the bacteria better and easily. But, oh well, better late than never plus, lesson learnt! Next time!

I was putting on my best ‘begging’ face the moment the tray came out of the oven.

The crispy and golden end product!!!

Eagerly waiting….
(Yes, Peachy was waiting too.)

Sigh. The satisfaction of finally eating the very thing I was eyeing on for the longest time – Priceless.
I gobbled five pieces. 
Too fast, too little.
Presenting the home made chicken jerky. 
Made with love, once again.

Mummy stored the remaining jerky in the mason jar she bought from the states and kept them away, readily rewarding me with little pieces for each good behavior I display.
Hee, I joked that the jar looked so good and that mummy could considering selling it. But seeing the amount of time that goes into it, probably not really worth the effort. LOL, well, who cares. As long as I get to eat it.

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