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My nice little weekend..

Now that we have finally settled down in the sunny little red dot, our weekends are becoming more structured and my parents are starting to spend more time with me, doing things I adore (their main aim is to tire me out actually).

We went to K9 Kulture (at Turf City) and were pleasantly surprised to find it empty on a lovely Saturday afternoon.
I pretty much had the pool to myself for the good half of the hour, before several other little dogs came in.
I was too obsessed with my monkey to be too bothered with other dogs, even when another Jack Russell decided to join me on my swim. (I was more concerned she was eyeing on my monkey, but it turned out that she just enjoyed swimming beside other dogs.)

After a good hour of workout, we settled down in the cafe and while my parents had coffee, I was served yummy liver brownies! 
We chilled at the cafe for about an hour before finally heading to Auntie Shoon’s place for dinner. (I also got to play a little fetch and roamed around the grassy areas for a short while too!)
Another happy day.
Looking forward to weekends!!

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