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Made with Love~

After the Milo Kitchen’s treats scare, mummy started being rather picky when choosing treats for me. She is careful to purchase only treats made in the USA, Singapore or Japan. As a result, treats became kinda costly and Daddy NEVER fails to nag mummy whenever she walks into a pet store. 
(sorry mummy.. boo daddy)

Mummy did some research and found out that she could make good quality treats (without worrying about what horrible ingredients are inside) at a fraction of the cost in the comforts of our home! One easy way is to use a food dehydrator! She found a great pet treat maker by Open Country on amazon. 
After a good 5 months of purchasing it, she finally put it into use! 
Eagerly waiting for what’s to come. 
Presenting the food dehydrator. 
The dehydrator uses a heat and air flow to dehydrate the foods (reduce water content). Removing moisture prevents bacteria from growing and food from spoiling. Hence, treats made could be kept longer.

Mummy went to NTUC and purchased some lean minced Australian beef. 
Hee, stupid mummy went to the wrong counter and chose the most expensive meat without realising. As a result, the beef came up to almost $18! 
So much for being budget. =P But hey, I’m not complaining!
The pet treat maker came with 5 packets of spice seasoning!
Mummy used half a packet to season 250g of meat. The smell was heavenly! Even mummy wanted to try!

A jerky gun with 3 attachments to make jerky was also included in the pet treat maker. 

The starting product. 
Looks awesome doesn’t it??
The only down side of the dehydrator is the time needed. It took a whooping 6 hours before I could sink my jaws into the yummy jerky. 
The end product!
Looks good?
It certainly smelt heavenly!
Mummy’s friends who came to visit wanted to try it too! The jerky are actually human edible. However, since mummy used the pet treat seasoning, she does not recommend human consumption. *YEAH, THEY ARE ALLLLL MINE!*

Eagerly waiting!!
(Featuring Peachy, my housemate for the weekend. More on her in the next post!)
The jerky was beyond this world! 
I loooooved it!
Hee, mummy set aside some of the jerky and froze the rest.
Those kept in room temperature could be stored for up to 3 weeks! 
I want more, moRE, MORE!
The best part of mummy preparing treats for me….
the leftover minced beef was added to dinner!

Really thank you mummy for the treats that were made with love!!!!
Hee, more to come I hope!!

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