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Sam the monkey Rescuer!

Remember my rescue missions in New York?
My missions ended when we had to relocate back. BUT!!! The lovely people from Water4Dogs adored me so much that they actually gave me my very own monkey as a farewell gift.
It’s mine, mine, MINE!
While I was all excited to start rescuing my very own monkey, Stupid mummy chose to ship the monkey by sea! 
I almost died waiting!
After 2 long months of waiting, it finally arrived!
And on an awesome day, we set out for some monkey rescue missions!!!
Monkey in distress! Here I come!!!!!
Bringing him to safety!

“Hm..monkey actually tasted pretty good.”

“Oh what? I’m not supposed to eat him?”
Nevermind then. I’ll just parade with him in my mouth.
Proud monkey rescuer giving the poor monkey some first aid!
CPR with one paw!
After two good hours of repeated rescues (the stupid monkey just could not seem to stay out of the water), I was a wet and exhausted dog!
Guess now, I’m officially Sam the INTERNATIONAL monkey rescuer. 
Call me if you have a drowning monkey!

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