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The day i turned one two THREE!

On 26th January 2013, me, little Sammy Loo Lim, turned 3. 
Due to the huge move back and Daddy being away, mummy’s initial plan of throwing a birthday party for me went down the drain. She decided to keep it simple by bringing me out for a birthday lunch. After some research, she chose the K9 cafe by K9 Kulture located at turf city. 
K9 Kulture occupies a pretty huge lot that is completely fenced in. Once we walked through the double gate, I was free to roam around the whole compound. 
Sigh, the joys of being off leashed~
Oh oh, and the cafe is fully air conditioned!
Yes, dogs are allowed inside too!
A furkids menu just for cute dogs like me. 
After some thought, I decided to try the beef meatballs!

What’s a birthday without a birthday cake! Mummy asked me to choose my own cake and I chose the only ‘manly’ cake – the blue one. 
I got to act like an adult and even sat on the chair like the rest of the family!
So this is how a grown up feels. 
Hm..not bad.
I even got to do some magazine browsing while waiting for the food to arrive. 
(Hee, ‘Expat Living’ is kinda appropriate for me I guess.)
Within ten minutes, my meatballs arrived!!! 
Finally, some real food after 3 terrible years of yucky kibbles. 
I could barely wait to begin.

Unfortunately for me, I got banished to the floor before I could even begin.
But who cares, all I wanted was to start eating!


Mummy was actually a little uncertain if the meatballs were really for me as they smelt and looked really really good.
“I’m waiting~~”

I gobbled two out of the four meatballs within minutes and to prevent me from overeating, mummy had to take the meatballs away. 
But at least she kept them for my dinner.
Once we were done with lunch, the birthday cake i chose arrived!
Presenting the extremely cute birthday boy and his cake!
Stupid godmummy thought it was funny to put some cream on my nose. 


And I spent the next five minutes trying (unsuccessfully) to lick it off my nose.

Unlike the cake I got last year (which was frozen), this cake was fresh and decorated with yummy cream. So I had a great time licking the cake.
The filling was banana which surprisingly tasted pretty good. Maybe I should give bananas a second try. 
I was a little sad when the lunch came to an end as the food was just out of the world! (Certainly beats the yucky kibbles and the boiled chicken I get occasionally.) But we had the leftovers to go! At least I’ll get more yummy food for the next few days.
Anyway, yes, I’m officially legal. 
Happy birthday to me!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sammy!I can see you had a pawesome time celebrating your big day!I wish I had been there having fun with you!Kisses and hugsLorenza


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