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My little photoshoot…

Remember the family photoshoot we had last july? While mummy was in love with how the photos turned out, she was a little disappointed that I looked bored in most of the shots. Hence, she decided that she would have a photoshoot of me. Yap, just me. 
After scouting for a while (on a pretty limited budget), she found a photographer friend who happened to be fundraising for her upcoming marathon for the shoot. 
Choosing the location for the photoshoot was easy breezy. Yap, no surprises, it was at Central Park! 
Not to mention that, Central Park in Autumn was an excellent setting too!
It took a little while for me to get my paws on the photos but good things are definitely worth the wait.
So, here goes…

Lastly, my favorite shot of the session. 
Just sammy and mummy.

Hee, mummy was totally unprepared to be in the shoot (thus she kinda looked like shit. shhh..). But still, i think the shot totally captured how much she adores me.
PS, I love you too Mummy!


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