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The after party!

Well, my birthday celebration didn’t just end with lunch. 
Since it was my special special day, I was entitled to have a blast! 
Woohoo~ *Little wriggly dance*
It continued with Mummy allowing me to roam the whole compound!
I started by exploring the surroundings of the cafe..
(Kinda hoping to find some food crumbs but failed miserably. -_- )
After which, I ventured off to the grassy areas.
Off I went~
Then I spotted something…
I was extremely obsessed with finding the entrance into the pool and could not stop running around the fence.
Unfortunately, the pool was completely fenced up. Unlike the rest of the compound which is open (free) to the public, there’s an entry charge for the usage of the pool. 

I refused to give up!

Oh oh , and a really Cute candid shot of me!
Mummy was contemplating if she should let me swim. While I’m a really strong swimmer, she was worried that I might throw up after swimming due to the yummy lunch I just had. I tried really hard convincing mummy (by running non-stop around the fence, whining and scratching at the entrance). 
And guess what, I won!
Once again.  Ho Ho Ho!
While mummy proceeded to make payment for the swim, I met a new border collie friend. 
(When I say ‘met’, it meant that we took turns peeing over a spot. Think I peed twice and him thrice. How fun~)
We did a little chase play but when mummy came back with the receipt, I immediately ran towards her. 
Cos it’s Swimming time~~
An extremely satisfied Sam. 
(Well, I did get my way.) 
As this was my first time swimming in this pool, I was a little hesitant and began by exploring the perimeter of the pool,
before deciding that it was safe to enter.
Nothing beats a good shake after having a quick swim.

I swam for a good hour, with toilet breaks which included running free in the grassy areas.
(Plus I met and befriended a handsome Japanese Spitz named Scott!)
By the end of the ‘after party’, I was literally dog-tired and fell asleep seconds after hopping into the car. 
In fact, I slept for a good three days! 
Sigh, what a great day~
If only birthdays happen everyday. 
Till next year…

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