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My Last Week in New York… (Part II)

Despite the cold, mummy and I went for a nice long stroll along the Hudson river.
Hee, I was walking way ahead of mummy as I was pretty excited as it had been a while since we walked that route.
The wind was pretty strong (thus explaining my mohawk). 
Posing in front of New Jersey beside the NY Waterway ferry terminal.

Taking in the breathtaking view. 
The lovely tall building is where we called home for the past three years.

Enjoying the hudson breeze..

After enjoying the breeze, we decided to walk on. 
As usual, mummy was too slow for me… *snooze*

Hee, decided to put what I learnt in agility class (donkey years ago) into practical use – Beam balancing.

Running on the beam!

The sun was setting as we walked and it sure was glaring. I could barely open my little eyes.

Sigh, I’m going to miss such extraordinary views.

I was on the Top of the Rock!
Okay, yeah, that was lame. =P

It was pretty awesome just chilling on the rocks. I got a slightly elevated view and that sure made the river more gorgeous.

River/ Bird watching. 
Plotting a plan on how I can get my jaws paws on a seagull.

Mummy loved this photo and showed it to Daddy and said: “Here’s your corgi.”
Hee, guessed my pointy ears made me look like a cute corgi.

One last photo of Sam, the corgi. 

We headed back shortly after as the breeze was real chilly and it was getting darker. 
Goodbye Hudson river park. I’m gonna miss ya!

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