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My last week in New York… (Part I)

This is officially my last week in NYC. My parents are moving back home to Singapore. And yap, I’m moving from the Big Apple to the little red dot half way round the globe. 
Anyway, since it’s my last week, mummy decided to make it a special week and bring me to places in the city that I frequent and love. Hence, I’m going to share my final few adventures in the city over the next few days. 
We hopped on the train on a lovely winter day to….
Union Square Park!!!

Actually, mummy wanted to visit the Christmas market there. So she ended up dragging me, daddy and grandmummy there. 
But hey, I’m not complaining.. 

It’s a squirrel heaven!
Dang.. check out how fat the well-fed squirrels are..
So I embarked on my hunting spree and was busy squirrel hunting.
Nope, not here…

How about here? 

After a good ten minutes of futile challenging squirrel hunting, we decided to head into the market.
The market was so crowded that daddy decided to pick me up.

Taking a quick break at the fountain. 

After the window shopping at the christmas market, we headed over to Petco! 
Mummy and Daddy were busy shopping and were neglecting me. 
Thus, I decided to shout “I WANT A TOY!”
And guess what…

It worked!
Mummy placed three toys on the ground and asked me to choose what I wanted.
Can’t I have all three?!”

Mummy: “Nope.”
Sigh, so I went ahead and picked the bunny.

But stupid daddy thought the chipmunk (middle) was cuter and bought the chipmunk instead. 
Chey~ what did you even bother asking when you have already decided. What a waste of my time~
Oh well, at least I’ve a new toy. Shall quit complaining.

We walked the rest of the way home and even stopped by Madison Square Park for a quick round of squirrel hunt. Unfortunately, the sun had set by then and we couldn’t take any decent photos.
 Maybe next week..

More exciting places coming up!!

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