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Day at Prospect Park…

Mummy and Daddy brought me to the Food Truck Rally at Prospect Park last month.
Initially I thought I would get tons of yummy food since it was after all a food truck rally. However, despite tons of begging with my cute little paws, I got barely anything!!

Just when I thought it was a waste of my time being dragged along for a food truck rally WITHOUT being given much food, we chanced upon the Long Meadow Dog Beach at Prospect Park.
And the fun begins~~~
Fearlessly decided to swim to the edge of the fence…

But realised that the water is a tad bit too deep and decided to turn back..

Almost there…

Phew~ finally back on shore..

Decided to venture a little more, made a new friend and did tons of sniffing.

After a good round of sniffing and waddling, it was time to go home. (BOO~)
So I decided to do a magnificent leap out of the dog beach.
I was a pretty happy wet dog by the end of the ‘swim’.

Guess my day out at prospect park turned out pretty well after all!

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