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Family day out…

My family spent the weekend at Washington DC. The original itinerary was to join the Cesar Milan Pack Walk, but since my brilliant parents overslept, we decided to head to an outdoor flea market instead (Officially Mummy’s newest hobby). 
We headed to Eastern Market  to spend our lovely saturday afternoon.
It was really nice out, but the sun was a tad bit bright that I couldn’t stop squinting my little eyes.
We did some shopping at the Capitol Hill Flea Market. 
(Hee, surprisingly shopaholic mummy left empty handed while stingy thrifty daddy bought a couple of cigar boxes.)

Mummy’s failed attempt at an artistic shot.

Just chilling out while daddy was shopping for his stuff. 
Met some new friends.
Hee, I’m generally a submissive dog and would roll over for most dogs. The owner of the other dog was so impressed with me that he commented that I was a really good dog and that the world needs more dogs like me! *GRINZ*
From the corner of my eye, I could see mummy scoffing away though. 
Sigh~ The amount of faith my parents have in me. T_T

Yes, we sniff butts. That’s how we greet each other. 
Did some people watching
while we waited for an outdoor table for lunch.

I got bored and started staring into space.
Lunch was at Boxcar Tavern. As dogs are not permitted indoors, we waited for an hour as it took a while for the outdoor table to free up.
Mummy got bored and decided to join me on the curb to people watch.

Decided to give a shocked expression while taking a photo with mummy. Hee..
When we finally got seated, I was exhausted and happily made myself comfortable in the shade under the table.

Of course, I did my usual attempt to beg for food,

but I was so tired that I fell asleep while trying.

After lunch, my lazy parents caught my zzz bug and decided to head back to the hotel for nice long afternoon nap (but hey~ I’m not complaining.). The 3 of us pretty much slept the rest of the afternoon away before going for a nice evening stroll and ordering room service to end off the day. All in all, it was a nice and relaxing family day out for us. Not a bad way to spend my last day in DC (yap, we ain’t going back anymore) and daddy’s birthday!

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