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Mummy’s impulse purchases..

But hey, I’m not complaining. 
Anyway, remember my bed within a bed
It has deflated over time. 0_0
It was on a random night when she was working on the computer and I was just lazing around on my bed beside her to realize my sufferings. When she gave me a quick glance to check on me, she suddenly realized that I looked like an unloved child (T_T), sleeping on a flat bed that was possibly giving me back ache (okay, I exaggerate). Mummy felt sooo bad that I had been sleeping on a real deflated bed that she decided to buy me a new bed. 
Ho ho ho..
*Wriggly dance*
Here’s a little proof of how flat the bed has become.
(featuring my bro, Keyser!)
So she went on a bed shopping spree and found THE bed on Fab.com
No prizes for the color she chose (with Daddy’s approval of course)…
After a 3 weeks wait, my new bed is finally here!!
I’m just testing the bed out.

Look how fluffy and full the bed is!!! 
I’m loving it!!

On a side note, the bed came damaged (there was a cut on the bottom of the bed). And guess what, thanks to Fab’s fabulous customer service, I am getting a second identical bed as a replacement. 
*Wriggly dance*
Yeah baby~~
I’m not exactly happy with the second purchase. But oh well..
Yap, she bought YET another pet carrier. No, the previous carrier is still intact and in use. Guess she just wanted more variety. Women~ sigh~
Mummy bought this for herself me at LeSports Sac store at Woodbury for USD58, certainly a steal for the brand. 
The only problem is …it’s in PINK!!! (say what~~~ -_-“) Oh, and it’s meant for dogs between 12 – 15lbs. And I weigh 14.9lbs!! Come on Mummy, you are pushing it!! Grrrr…
But yet, on the other hand, another carrier means I’ll get carried around a little more, so on second thoughts, I accept.
The bag is actually a little small, but I guess I’ll make do for trains and bus rides.
And it also sucks that my hair would be messed up due to the slight space constraint..
Oh well, guess mummy’s purchases are hit and miss. Hopefully she makes better decisions in future.

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