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Sam, the cyclist!

A new toy came in the mail today! It’s a buddy rider! It’s a bicycle seat for dogs, just like me. 
When mummy and daddy bought their foldable bicycles a year ago, they were figuring ways on how I can tag along on their bike rides.  Running on a leash beside them was totally out of the question as I would probably get run over. The first thought was to mount a basket on the front of the bike. Unfortunately for me, I was a tad bit over the weight limit. (Boo~) So the idea was axed. NEXT!
The second idea was to mount a basket on the bicycle rack. Mummy went online and found a Pet Rider Rear Seat. When it arrived, we were so disappointed to find that it was too big for the rack and ended up returning it. NEXT!
The third idea was to buy a doggy backpack carrier, so that mummy can carry me on her back when she cycles. Mummy found the Outward Hound Backpack and gave it a try. The backpack served it purpose for a while. But I grew tired of sitting in the bag and tried to climb out of it on numerous occasions. In addition, the weight on mummy’s back was giving her a bad backache. So, NEXT!
Stupid mummy went ahead on bought the most humiliating thing for me – a Leg Out Carrier. I looked hideous in it and I just hated it. Mummy couldn’t stop laughing when she saw how pathetic I looked. Here goes. 

 Seeing how much I hated it, mummy was nice enough to not bring me out in that. (I personally think that she’s kinda embarrassed as well.) Plus I guess she figured that it would be quite challenging for her to cycle with that. Despite that, she decided to keep it and maybe use it someday. (Noooooo~)

My parents kinda gave up and stopped exploring other means and was planning to buy me a bike trailer for dogs. While procrastinating, mummy came across a product feature on Under the Blanket. She immediately bought me a buddy rider and after a week’s wait, it arrived!

Here’s how I look. It fits dogs up to 30lbs! (I’m only 15lbs!) 

The panel in front allows me to rest my paw and look out. 

Daddy, the engineer, and Uncle TL took a fair amount of time to mount it on the bike. But at last, the job was done!

I was practicing my winking so that I can attract pretty girls!
When Mummy and daddy brought me for a test ride the next day, I was a little apprehensive. But by the end of the ride, I’m loving not just the breeze, but the huge amount of attention that I was getting. Everyone was fascinated by the buddy rider! Mummy was initially a little worried about the balance and how tough it might be for her. To her pleasant surprise, it was really easy for her too! Phew~ Now I’m won’t be left behind when they head out for a quick spin!
Counting down to the next cycling session!!

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