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From Orlando with love..

My heartless parents finally came back from their Orlando vacation. I was already upset with them for abandoning me. To make matters worse, not only didn’t they buy me any treats, they brought back a gift that I really do not like – A tee-shirt. -_-
Here’s a little background first. My mummy bought a set of THING 1 & 2 shirts 2 years ago when we visited Orlando (I went along too!). 
Here’s a shot of us – Mummy = Thing 1, Sam (ME ME!) = Thing 2 and Poor Daddy = Thing 3. That completely explains the hierarchy of the family as well. 
I was obviously still a cute puppy then. Hence after two years, I’ve completely outgrown that shirt (as shown below). It’s just too tight fitting and considering that I do not have the bod of an A&F model, I looked pretty crappy. 

That’s how short it is now. Too sexy for my liking. 
So, my brilliant parents thought that the best souvenir for me would be a bigger version of the exact same shirt. *Faints*

Well, on a good note, it’s an excellent fit now. 
BUT, I’m still pissed that all I got from Orlando was this crappy shirt. 
I’m not forgiving them and I’m expecting TONS of treats for redemption. Grrrr…

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