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My first trip to the West Coast..

We are going for a road trip to the West coast in just a few days and I cannot wait!! This is my second time on a plane! My thoughtful parents decided to fly via JetBlue as they have a fantastic pet policy, JetPaws. Pity my air ticket still added up to USD200 both ways. 
We were all ready to go since I adore my current pet carrier. However, Mummy did a last minute research and realized that my Dog Whisperer Soft-Sided Carrier did not fit the airline requirements. In a near-frenzey, we went on a last minute shopping trip to find me a new travel carrier. 
And ta-dah~ here it is. 
It is an Organic Denim Carrier (Medium) by Bark N Bag

While it wasn’t the cheapest option, Mummy loved how stylish the bag looked. It fits me comfortably and had mesh on 3 sides for ventilation. One of the sides even opens up making it easy for me to crawl in. 

The front unzips too, giving me an additional option to crawl into the bag. 

The bag is really comfortable and I’m real happy with it. To make things even better, mummy ordered some really cute Jack Russell Luggage Tags by FouFou to personalize my bags.
I still think I’m cuter but can you see the slight resemblance?
Anyway, here’s how my travel carrier looks like now! 

Happy~ Can’t wait for my flight!!
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