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Stalker Mummy..

My mum is a stalker. As some of you might know, my parents abandoned me and went ahead with their belated honeymoon. But of course, my obsessed mummy just couldn’t leave me behind without worrying. Thus, after some research, she found me a new daycare in the city, called Puppy Loft, that allow crazy dog parents, like my mum, an option to watch their dogs via a webcam. And that’s exactly what mummy did!
Each evening after dinner, she rushed back to the hotel and hogged poor daddy’s laptop for a couple of hours to watch me. 

Dang, no thanks to her, I was unable to hitch up with the pretty little dog that I had been eyeing at for the past few days. Not when there was a pair of eyes following all my actions. -_-

Oh well… that’s life, with a stalker mum.

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