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Ten little facts about Sammy.. Number Three!

I am a picky eater. A VERY picky eater. I am served 4 different types of food for my dinner everyday.

I adore wet food. However, Mummy’s philosophy is that dried food is healthier for both my little teeth and stomach. As a result, she is pretty insistent on giving me dried food, which of course, I would refuse to eat. Stubborn mummy and Sam then embarked on a “I do not want to eat” vs “You better eat this shit” battle, which resulted in many days where I would simply refuse to eat and mummy had to ‘beg’ me to eat or eventually handfeed me. (Yap, I’m a spoilt brat..we all know it)

Sigh, eventually, Mummy won. After ALOT of trial and error, Mummy finally found the combination of food that I totally adore and she is swearing by it! The only downside, it consists of 4 different brands and types of food that comes together to create a gourmet experience for me!

Here’s the secret recipe:

1. Just a little under a quarter cup of Merrick dried food. The flavor of the month is Cowboy Cookout.

2. A pinch of Beneful Original. (About 4-5 pieces) I personally adore the extra crunch and taste to the slightly monotonous merrick food.

3. A few pieces of Natural Balance dog food roll (dinner version). Current flavor is Duck & Potato Formula. Yummilious I swear.

4. Last but not least, it’s the Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried dinner. This I absolutely love! The only drawback is that it’s a tad bit expensive. (16 oz of about 32 pieces cost USD32) So, mummy decided to ration and cut costs by giving me one a day (If I’m solely on this diet, I should be getting 4 patties a day. =/) and mixing in the other 3 types of food. Well, I guess it pays off. Not only do I get variety, I won’t get sick of the food so easily! I’m into Duck for the month, and it sure smells good! Even Mummy’s friends agree. 
So, here’s a little look into my life and what to expect when you are dog sitting me!

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