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Like Father Like son, Like Mother Like Sammy!

I think I take after my parents…
Like father like son, I’m like daddy in terms of
– Intelligence (High IQ) -> After all, I do have my own blog and facebook
– athletic (I’m a fast dog)
– lousy stomach -> Tends to get diarrhea wayy too often. (*Nods* Yap, Daddy too. )
– can sleep anywhere, anyhow and anytime…I could even doze off sitting upright.
Interestingly, I take after mummy too!
– Sociable (High EQ) Here’s a little peek of some of my friends.. (and yes, they are mostly girls. *Wink*)
Kiba, the Shiba Inu
Lucy, the poodle
Zoe, the lab mix
Dexter, the beagle, Jack Russell, Hound mix and my proud brother!
Ella, the Border collie mix
– Enjoys sleeping till noon –> this I definitely get from mummy
– Drinks alot of water, likes pee-ing in the middle of the night (Sorry mummy, I didn’t mean to spill your beans)
Mummy and daddy always have a running joke about how their kids would have daddy’s high IQ and mummy’s high EQ, but if they are unfortunate enough, their kids might be the direct opposite (low in both). But good for them, little Sammy Loo Lim has both in the high spectrum! The bonus is, that Little Sammy also has the good looks that make me a great chick magnet – both in the canine world and in the homo sapien world.
Yeah yeah, god isn’t fair. But he is to me.

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