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Home alone..

Mummy left me home alone today. Unlike the usual times, she decided to take a big leap of trust and chose to leave me home alone outside my crate. Well, mummy had always wanted to do this as she felt really bad when I was crated for a long period of time. I would usually just lick my paws when I’m bored, so mummy and daddy would come back to a dog with really wet paws. Daddy, being the paranoid parent he is, wanted to try it only when he was sure that the whole house was dog-proofed (e.g. no treats that I could reach, no wires that I could destroy, blah blah blah). Luckily, Mummy has more faith in me than Daddy did and decided to give it a try while Daddy’s out of town!
Thankfully, Mummy was pretty thoughtful. She removed the door of my crate, placed it at a comfortable location (so that I would at least have a safe haven to go to), removed Daddy’s PS3 controllers (Just in case…), covered the transformer with a pillow and pretty much cleared the room of treats that were previously within my reach. She also left a couple of kong toys (stuffed with yummy treats) and hid a handful of treats in several hiding places within the living room to entertain me. Before she left, she made an effort to secure the puppy/child gate that serves to ‘contain’ me within the living room.
Boy did Mummy get a surprise when she got home. Smart little me managed to figure a way to open the gate and made my way to the main door to give Mummy a warm welcome! Hee, best of all, I did not disappoint mummy a bit and kept the living room as clean and neat as she left me with. ^_^ Of course, I was elated to see mummy home and being able to greet her at the door sure was fun. Now I finally understand what my doggy friends mean when they say they like to give their owners a warm welcome kiss when they walk through the door! Cos I did it today!
All in all, I’m really proud of meself for being able to earn Mummy’s trust and be a real good boy when I’m left alone, crateless. At least now I can enjoy the night view while waiting for my loved ones to return home to me…

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