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The Secret Life of Pets Breakfast event at USS!

In conjunction with the release of the movie, “The Secret Life of Pets” in Singapore, Resort World Sentosa recently hosted a breakfast event in Universal Studios Singapore for pets owners and their pets.
And Mummy managed to score us some tickets!
The only catch was that only one dog was allowed per family. 
Well, don’t feel too bad for Pecan ah ma as she was treated to a fruitful day at Wooga!
As much as we were super excited about this event, it really was wayyy too early for me.
Hence, my cannot-wake-up-in-the-morning face.

But on a good note, the early hours meant that there were no photobombing tourists.
Queuing up for tickets.
#stupidmummydidnottellmeIdidn’thavetoqueue #makemelooklikeanidiot #mummyisameando
Wondering why everybody was.
Thankfully, Mummy didn’t get the date and time wrong!
And we made our way to the streets of New York to enjoy our breakfast event.
Blending in with the standee too!
The breakfast event was actually very simple. 
An alfresco style brekkie with food served in picnic baskets.
Looks hearty huh?
No prizes for guessing which is for me!
Found my seat!
Mummy also took part in the games and won us a tote bag!
#shenearlywantedtoputmeinside #luckymyfatbellycannotfit #dogabuseleh #shesocheapoanythingfreeshealsowant
There were also merchandises on display that my shopaholic Mummy just couldn’t resist.
Presenting her loot!
Since Pecan ah ma couldn’t join us, Mummy decided to buy her a Max toy instead!
#IthinkIamcuterthanmaxleh #whytheydidn’tuseawiredcoatterrierasthelead
Water break time!
The weather was a tad warm to be honest, so I very quickly found my favourite hiding spot of the day!
The breakfast event was pretty short and it was over way too soon.
While we had tons of fun munching on our chow in the streets of New York, the highlight of the event was none other than the fact that me and my fellow four-legged pals got to set foot into Universal Studios Singapore!
What a treat.
For starters, I walked the streets of Hollywood.
Technically, this isn’t my first time in Hollywood.
The real deal vs the USS deal.
Even though we can’t get on the rides or walk into the stores as the park wasn’t technically opened yet, we were pretty busy…
Queuing for popcorn,
waiting for the mailman,
ordering chinese takeout,
impersonating a minion,
trying to hitch a ride in a police car,
getting lost in the streets of New York,
(Almost) falling in a pothole,
wandering along the happiest street in USS,
And hitching a ride on the school bus.
Last but not least, meeting my new adoptive family!
What an awesome morning spent exploring the (empty) streets of USS!
Mummy’s only regret – bringing the wrong camera!
#that’swhythephotoqualitysolousy #it’snotthecamerait’sthephotographerla
Oh, and of course, not being able to bring Pecan ah ma along!
Hopefully there will be other opportunities for this to happen in future.

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