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Sam’s house tour – our mudroom!

We’ve finally settled into our new place after a good three months!
#ourparentshaveofficiallygivenuponunpacking #whatisleftintheboxwillforeverremaininthebox #wedonotcarecoswehaveallourtreatswithus
So I guess it’s about time we offered you a house tour!
Bit by bit k?
#nochoicecosourhouseverysmall #donothavemuchtoshowtobehonest #sosadhor

We shall start with our very own Mudroom!
“No treats no pass”
Well, technically, our place is so small, we don’t have a mudroom.
It’s more like an entryway la.
Mummy always wanted a space to put all our barang barang and she even tried to incorporate it in our Senja flat previously.
But since we only did a partial reno when we moved back from the states, there wasn’t much she could do at that time.
#messieristheinthinghor #wegottoomanythingsla #notourfaulthor
Hence, this was one thing she was very particular about when renovating the new place.
Since we didn’t have an ID (we went with our good ol’ contractor who has since joined a bigger firm and became a project manager), Mummy had to crack her brains to come up with a design that will fit our her needs.
Another challenge was that she wanted to incorporate certain existing pieces of furniture (that our stupid parents spent wayyy too much money on) into the new place as well. 
For the mudroom, she wanted this piece to be part of it!
Armed with her inspiration, Mummy did a sketch of what she wanted and handed it over to the Project manager.
#machiamlikeprimaryschoolartcan #cannotbelieveshegotfacetoshowotherpeoplethis
And after a couple of weeks, she was shown a 3-D drawing of what she wanted.
To be honest, I was pretty impressed that they could actually understand what Mummy’s lousy ‘amazing’ drawing showed.
#nowondertheyareprofessionals #mummygotalooooongwaytogo
(Credit: Image Creative)
And the final product….
Mummy got to choose what materials/design she likes.
On a side note, Mummy was so glad to overlay the ugly marble tile with vinyl!
The mudroom really fit all of our needs!
#thereisnosuchthingastoomanyleashone #thisisnotallbtw
For our hooks, we used our favourite dog butt hangers Tail Hooks from Ikea!
Pecan ah ma thinks her butt is sexier tho.
#errrrrrrrrrrr #nocomments
To personalise the space, Mummy also hung up our customised embroidery hoop art portraits from Hither Rabbit!
Hehehe, yap, this was a result of Mummy’s Etsy addiction. 
#theartistlikeourphotosomuchthatsheevenuseditonheretsyshop #sohonouredla
(Get it here)
While everything on the left side of the mudroom belongs to us, we decided to share the space with our parents for them to put their shoes.
#asmuchasmummyisashopaholicshereallydoesnothavemanyshoes #sheanddadddyaddtogetheratmostonly20pairsofshoes
While designing the space, Mummy made sure that there is ample space for us to wipe and clean our paws after each walk.
Also, for us to camp there and spy on our neighbours.
This is probably the design that Mummy’s most proud of in the house!
Hope you like it as much as we do!
#weonlylikeitcosthisiswhereallourtreatsare #donttellmummy #lateryoubreakherheart

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